Make Money as an Adult Webmaster

The sexiest work you every did might be the most profitable!

With all the millions of people every day searching for new adult entertainment like porn, live webcam sex chat, and adult sex dating every single day for their satisfaction - there is really tonnes of ways to capitalize online on just that traffic. Horny surfers don't mind spending money to satisfy their needs. The adult affiliate profits are amazing starting at 50% of share and with some programs and niches paying way more than that.

All Adult Affiliate Programs

The highest paying affiliate programs are webcam programs. Second comes dating. But the back bone of all adult affiliate programs are porn programs. These programs give you the content you need to create a porn site. Of course there are other ways to make money as an adult affiliate then making a porn site but it is the most common way and the route the most revenue are generated. The amount of Google searches for many porn niches has tripled over the last 10-12 years so the demand for porn is greater than ever! Other sites can be top lists like there are many of but I'm sure there are room for more and maybe especially for niche top lists. Also top list sites with top porstars etc can be an option. The easiest sites you can create, yet still good sites, are blogs. With your own domain and hosting you can simply instsall wordpress and choose a web design and start adding pictures and descriptions and maybe embedded videos - and of course affiliate links pointing to where the visitor can makes a purchase. Spice it up with webcam and dating affiliate programs and you got a potential money maker down the road - For when you have grown the sites with content and start attracting a steady stream of visitors. Anyways, the most popular sites at this time are porn tubes. With most of the porn affiliate programs listed here you can easily extract porn video previews to use for your tube. If you use embedded videos you can get the sponsored affiliate link that links to the sales page with that particular content on the premium porn site - giving your visitors an excellent opportunity to buy more of the porn they just are browsing. As for tube sites and tube videos I don't know if you can easily get the links you want since I haven't made a tube site - yet.

Other Adult Niches

Not only erotic content is for adult only!

There are some really exciting other niches available for adult websites. Gambling like casinos and poker is hot and really well paying. With gambling affiliate programs you can usually get a 20% to 45% revenue share for the life of the referred customer. This is a great commission rate for a service like online gambling because of the amount of money the average customer spends over time. Much more then they spend on porn! You could alternatively often get $100+ PPS for casino sites. Another niche for adult webmasters is trading affiliate programs. High risk / high reward leveraged trading services that sells products that represent the values of stocks, currencies etc pays really high CPA commissions for depositiing customers. Earn up to $800 from a single referral if your trader comes from the right country.