Best Adult Affiliate Programs / Networks

The 3 programs you definitely want to join!

Before you get started: You need a website to sign onto the affiliate programs. Don't have one yet? Check out my best tips for adult web hosting providers. Starting at just a few bucks a month - including an American support team online 24/7!

Crak Revenue - Big xXx Affiliate Network

This is a great network with programs within the adult dating, sex webcam, sex games, porn site niches. Great for adding banners to your sites or traffic buying. Dating and webcams are the best money makers for adult webmaster. With this network you get several options for promoting adult dating and a great offers for webcams with your affiliate account. What you won't find within this affiliate area is free promo content to use for you sites. This is more of a traffic 2 money converter once you already have got website traffic. But once you does you can earn a lot with these offers! Visit

Fame Dollars - Porn Network

My favorite porn affiliate network. High quality embedded videos, full hd pictures and much more snacks that will help you get high quality content for your sites and ultimately make you as much money as possible. New promotional content is added by the tonnes every day. If you are just joining one program this is it. And If you are joining 10 programs this should be your first and reference for knowing what an adult affiliate network should be like. Visit

Chaturbate - World's Best Webcam Site

Arguably the best cam site in the world. It surely is the most popular one ranking #143 of every site in the world globally. Always a lot of sexy show going on and users are tipping generously - translating into steady revenue for affiliates. Enjoy 20% of lifetime revnue share or get payed quickly with the $1 per free registration program (no e-mail verification required). Again a program that you can use to generate profits from traffic but not with free pictures or videos. Visit

VR Adult Affiliates

VR porn is really hot right now!


A really popular vr porn site. You can also promote a dating site and a sexy teen yoga site. High $50 PPS for their VR site! Visit

Naughty America

A great benefit to this program is that is a well reputed brand that converts well. Not only does the customer get access to a lot of fresh vr porn movies but also a very large archive of sexy high quality porn that have been made over many years. This program pays really well and their PPS offer pays you on cheap trial memberships! Visit

Czech VR

Promote sexy VR chicks adn hot xXx porn with this program. EU babes and Czech girls in particular are well known for their attractive looks. You can also promote a whole set of other porn sites when joining! Visit

All Adult Affiliate Programs

Make Money as an Adult Webmaster

The sexiest work you every did might be the most profitable!

With all the millions of people every day searching for new adult entertainment like porn, live webcam sex chat, and adult sex dating every single day for their satisfaction - there is really tonnes of ways to capitalize online on just that traffic. Horny surfers don't mind spending money to satisfy their needs. The adult affiliate profits are amazing starting at 50% of share and with some programs and niches paying way more than that. Selling sexy content and services online is much like being a drug dealer, only with everyone being addicts and the product you sell is legal!

The highest paying affiliate programs are webcam programs. Second comes dating. But the back bone of all adult affiliate programs are porn programs. These programs give you the content you need to create a porn site. Of course there are other ways to make money as an adult affiliate then making a porn site but it is the most common way and the route the most revenue are generated. Other sites can be top lists like there are many of but I'm sure there are room for more and maybe especially for niche top lists. Read more: Make money as an adult webmaster.